One in a Logistics Million: Digital Marketing for Market Success


Digital marketing - a must-have for logistics companies to better shape customer and employee relationships in the future. Presentation during the webinar "Hafen Hamburg für Praktiker", organized by Hafen Hamburg Marketing, Representative Office Poland, 09/2020; Original language: German

Since digital marketing emerged in the 1990s, it has developed into a broad and complex field. Successful handling of all its sub-areas now mostly requires expert know-how. Although the proportion of digitally affine employees and decision-makers from generations Y and Z is growing continuously in B2B as well, many companies in B2B, and in logistics, are very conservative in this area despite their innovative spirit in process management. This becomes critical when digital channels are not set up and maintained at all or in an amateurish manner, because digital natives immediately categorize a website created in the 1990s and left alone since then as irrelevant, and the company thus becomes de facto non-existent. Examples from logistics and telecommunications show how logistics companies can positively influence their customer and employee relations with a modern website, well-chosen social media channels and consistent thought leadership. In this way, they not only achieve the original goal of marketing - to shape profitable customer relationships; they also make their marketing activities measurable and thus more efficient.

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