Asia experts for technical marketing advise at ITS World Congress in Hamburg

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Hamburg, September 11, 2021 - CS Marketing & EDS Engineering, a symbiosis of technical marketing consultancy and engineering company, will be present at the ITS World Congress from 11 to 15 October in Hamburg. Under the motto "The Art of Technical Marketing", managing directors Corinna and Stefan Seidel will present concepts and solutions for the international marketing of products and services which require explanation in Hall B7, Stand 335. With broad global experience, their focus is particularly on the Asian and European markets.

"With a wealth of professional experience in the logistics industry in Asia, I see myself as a bridge builder for marketing between Europe and Asia," describes Corinna Seidel, who is responsible for the CS Marketing & Sales Solutions business unit. "The internationally oriented ITS World Congress at our headquarters in Hamburg is the ideal place for us to discuss marketing strategies and concepts with leading companies from logistics and mobility," she adds.

The marketing specialist with technical and management experience in France, India, Hong Kong and Singapore, for example, advises international companies worldwide on their go-to-market strategies for Europe and Asia. Together with experts for technical products and services from industries such as logistics, mobility, energy, mechanical engineering and IT, the firm specializes in successfully positioning and marketing products in these sectors that require explanation.

Attention-grabbing and professional visualizations are a must for the founding couple. "With EDS Engineering & Data Science, we offer visualizations and renderings for technical products and thus cover the graphic side of many sales and marketing strategies," explains Stefan Seidel, who is responsible for the EDS Engineering & Data Science business unit. "Many products that initially exist only in the mind can be represented visually in 2D/3D as well as in virtual and augmented reality using the latest technology, which allows us to convey them to the viewer in a tangible way," he explains. "A real benefit for content marketing," adds Corinna Seidel, "because visually exciting, easy-to-understand content is an absolute must in digital marketing."

With knowledge of cross-national creative and collaboration processes, as well as cultural characteristics, CS Marketing can manage projects in a target-oriented manner. In Germany, PR and marketing concepts are implemented with media-relevant content for maximum exposure in the press. Whether a credible marketing mix, messaging architectures, digital marketing or technical visualizations in 3D - all offerings can be experienced at the ITS booth.

The company

CS Marketing & EDS Engineering is a marketing consultancy and engineering company based in Hamburg. With their experience in management, marketing, engineering and data science, the founders Corinna and Stefan Seidel create an innovative symbiosis of services for efficient go-to-market strategies for providers of technical products and services.

The CS Marketing & Sales Solutions business unit focuses on marketing and communication strategies for global companies. The EDS Engineering & Data Science business unit provides engineering and programming services. For internationally understandable and effective marketing, EDS develops innovative visualizations, from 2D/3D to virtual and augmented reality.

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